We are a group of families who want to support each other and nurture our children in the Christian faith.

Many of the adults who attend camp were shaped, formed and cared for by the various Victorian Synod camps and events held during the 80s and 90s. These camps gave us connections across the geographic divide of Victoria and Tasmania that emboldened us and nurtured us to deepen and maintain our faith in God and the church. Not only did these experiences fill us with the Spirit and enable us to become formed by the Good News found in the scriptures and the gathered Christian community; they provided skill development in leadership, community building and event organisation.  

Now we have children of our own, we decided to hold a camp each year to offer this experience to our own children. The camp has been running every year since 2011. Over time a sense of community developed and in 2017 we became an official faith community of the Presbytery of Port Philip West.

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