A space to reflect

Hello!  If you’re reading this, you probably have some connection with what’s been known as the Uniting Church Victas Synod Social Justice Family Camp.

We are a group of people who’ve come together for the past 7 years because we have kids, and we want them to have a community experience with other people who treasure our Uniting Church focus on questions of

  • justice,
  • inequality
  • ecology
  • and a faith that embraces an evolving understanding of who God is and who God is calling us to become.

What you’ll find here are our thoughts, ideas and reflections on what we think might be God calling us to deepen our relationships and formalise our community within the Uniting Church.

We cannot be a “local” congregation because we come from all over the state/country/world.  So how can we “belong together” if we aren’t physically together all the time?

This is what we are wanting to explore.  The idea of a faith community that exists in many places is not new – think religious orders, or “patrol padres”.  But it’s a new way for us.

If you haven’t been involved in Family camp before but this whole idea is lighting little fires of attraction and curiosity, well, come along!  Join our email list or come to a gathering, let’s keep in touch and see what happens.